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    I seem to recall a post indicating that the Colorado Jury Instructions (civli) were available on the CBA site for free. I don't seem to able to find them so any help would be appreciated, thanks. Steve Meyrich ------------------------------ Steven Meyrich ...

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    Ok thank you. I have passed on all the names so far. Thanks to everyone. ------------------------------ Erin Johnson Erin Johnson Attorney at Law LLC Rico CO (303)588-2695 ------------------------------

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    This law firm (Truhlar and Truhlar, LLP) handles a ton of employment matters. Bob Truhlar, Christine Breen and Kaitlin Sipttell. ------------------------------ Doris Truhlar Partner Truhlar and Truhlar LLP Centennial CO (720) 934-4645 truhlarandtruhlar.com ...

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    President John Vaught's message, April 2019 Colorado Lawyer

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    Aaron George, How to Design, Market, and Sell "Productized" Legal Services , Lexicata, Aug. 25, 201 ...

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