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Convenient CLEs: Timely and topical ways to learn from your desk in April

Live Webinars Coming in April


Wednesday, April 17

Making Sense of AI in Financial Services & Legal Practice

AI is here, and it’s time to look at how it’s going to change the financial services and legal industries. Learn about the tools that exist today, the applications that may exist tomorrow, the potential benefits of incorporating AI into your work, and the potential risks of relying too much on AI. AI is a powerful tool that will change the way you do business. Start preparing for that change now.


Wednesday, April 24

8:00 – 9:40 am

Drafting Corporate Bylaws: Business Document Drafting Series

Join one of the legends of Colorado Business Law, Herrick Lidstone, for a fascinating look at the art of drafting corporate bylaws. Drawing from his years of experience, Herrick will walk you through the key principles of corporate formation. You’ll learn how to identify your client’s needs, understand their goals, and reflect both in the corporation’s written bylaws.  


Wednesday, April 24

12:00 – 1:00 pm

It’s Profitable to Be on the Gold Standard

What should your firm’s document lifecycle look like? How do you create, review, store, and update your work product? No legal professional creates documents in a vacuum. This seminar walks you through creating and documenting your drafting process. Find out where the rough spots are. Learn how you can use "gold standard” templates to get you 70% of the way to a perfect document, with all current language, statute references, and other changeable information, without spending extra money by unlocking the potential of what you already own. Finally, learn how to share those documents inside or outside the firm and securely store them for later retrieval.


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New On-Demand Programs

New On-Demand Programs

AI for Small Firm Lawyers: Challenges and Opportunities
Live Date: 9/20/2023 | General Credits 1.00
We’ve all heard that AI will end legal practice as we know it. But what if instead of ending your career, it could be a tool to transform your practice? Learn helpful tips to use AI to improve your practice and pitfalls to avoid.

Water 101
Live Date: 10/13/23 | General Credits 1.00
Whether you are a new water attorney, a real estate attorney who encounters occasional questions about water rights, or you’re just curious about Colorado’s water laws and water courts, this program is for you. You will learn the basics of how the prior appropriation system works, how a party can apply for a water right, and how the Division of Water Resources and State Engineer administer Colorado’s river basins.

Beyond Bars: The Collateral Consequences of Conviction
Live Date: 10/18/2023 | General Credits 3.00
The consequences of a criminal conviction can extend far beyond the sentence imposed by a judge.  Join us this October to learn strategies for mitigating impacts and advising defendants in areas including professional licensure, subsidized housing, allocation of parental responsibilities, and immigration.  There will also be an introduction to drafting and filing orders of collateral relief, and an update on recent sentencing legislation.

2023 Employment Law Fall Update
Live Date: 10/26/23 | General Credits 3.00
The 2023 Employment Law Fall Update provides practitioners insight into a wide variety of issues impacting the labor and employment sphere. Unpack recent changes to U.S. Supreme Court precedent to better understand how these decisions could have real-world consequences for you and your clients. Obtain a primer on Denver’s new civil wage theft ordinance and enforcement. Finally, discover generative AI in the workplace and legal challenges related to its implementation.

17th Annual Colorado ADR Conference
Live Date: 10/27/23 | General Credits 12.00, Ethics Credits 1.70, EDI Credits 1.20

Join us for the 17th Annual Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference, New Horizons for ADR: Expanding the Profession and Elevating Our Skills, featuring breakout sessions for new and experienced mediators, domestic relations mediators and other civil mediators, as well as an ethics panel, EDI credits, and a session on how AI will impact the future of mediation.  You are sure to leave with new skills and ideas to implement in your practice.

32nd Annual Institute on Advising Nonprofit Organizations in Colorado
Live Date: 11/10/2023 | General Credits 5.00

Prepare for 2024 with a look into how nonprofits can be active in an election season; learn the latest best practices for running a nonprofit board; explore tax exemptions for nonprofits; and learn how the Supreme Court’s recent decision on affirmative action programs might affect your organization.

The Ethics Revue: The Greatest Ethics Show. Starring the Law Club (Founded in 1914)
Live Date: 11/15/23 | General Credits 3.00, Ethics Credits 3.00
The directors of this year’s Ethics Revue have challenged the members of the Law Club bring their musical skills and ethical knowledge to the Clocktower Cabaret for live auditions. Only the best will make the cut to become part of … the Greatest Ethics Show! The cast will be joined on stage by members of the CBA Ethics Committee and OARC attorneys, who will discuss the finer points of legal ethics, and even attempt some jokes themselves. You’ll leave with a song in your head, as well as a refreshed understanding of the rules governing the legal profession.

Diverse Juries Reach Better Verdicts: How Litigators Can Create Diverse Jury Panels and Prevent Bias in Deliberations
Live Date: 11/16/2023 | General Credits 1.00, EDI Credits 1.00

This program highlights the benefits of diversity on jury deliberations, citing social science studies bearing out those benefits. The program also encourages and trains attorneys to be more mindful of diversity in jury selection and provides tools attorneys can use—primarily fair cross section and Batson challenges—to protect diversity on juries.

6th Annual Colorado Litigators' Summit
Live Date: 11/16/23 | General Credits 11.00, Ethics Credits 2.60, EDI Credits 1.20

Be more effective in your litigation and trial practice. Leading litigators in the community, as well as the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, will share their wisdom and expertise in this wide-reaching program, which will feature sessions on expert witnesses, jury selection, effective storytelling, and more. Plus, secure 1.2 EDI credits for the current compliance period.   

Ethics and EDI 7.0
Live Date: 11/17/23 | General Credits 7.00, Ethics Credits 5.00, EDI Credits 2.00
Our annual ethics extravaganza is back. Hear from Colorado’s top legal ethics experts, and get all your Professional Responsibility and EDI credits before the end of your reporting period. Topics include flat and contingency fee agreements, an update on the Limited Licensed Paralegal program in Colorado, and a look at the ethical issues associated with leaving a firm.

Recognizing and Confronting Implicit Bias in the Courtroom
Live Date: 11/17/2023 | General Credits 2.00, EDI Credits 2.00
Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. Implicit bias is a particularly challenging threat to the legal system. While we ideally apply cold logic to facts and law to come to equitable results, we aren’t always aware of how our own biases can tip the scales of justice. 

The Annual Advanced Family Law Conference
Live Date: 12/01/23 | General Credits 9.00, Ethics 0.30
Join us and connect with accomplished family lawyers who will share their expertise and insights on a variety of interesting and challenging topics you are sure to encounter in your practice. Expand your knowledge and enhance your skills as a family lawyer while networking and building valuable relationships.