Affinity LPM | Wind Down a Firm

When the time comes to retire or move on, attorneys have responsibilities both to their clients and to their state’s oversight authority to make certain clients are not left “in the lurch.” How should you go about winding down or merging a practice? The materials in this section start you down the right path and make sure vital considerations aren’t overlooked.

Wind Down a Firm Checklists

Closing a Law Firm
When it comes time to wind down a practice, legal and ethical obligations keep the client front-of-mind. Use this list as a guide to review your wind-down process and considerations.

Merging Law Firms
Combining existing law firms into a single business involves a lot of moving parts and personalities. Use this list to make sure you don’t overlook anything important.

Wind Down a Firm Comparison Charts

Cloud Document Storage
Having “everywhere access” to your documents requires internet-connected storage. If you’re a Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace customer, you already pay for terabytes of online storage. Use this comparison chart to find the right cloud storage vendor for your organization.

E-Signature Services
E-Signature vendors offer legally-binding signing services clients can execute from anywhere. Use this chart to compare the vendors on key features.

Encryption Services
Disk encryption keeps client data safe even on lost or stolen devices. This comparison chart shows features and benefits of top providers.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365
Henry Ford said customers could have any color so long as it’s black. At least you have two choices when it comes to core email, communication, and office productivity applications. This comparison chart highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Google and Microsoft’s bundled, subscription offerings.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 offerings combine an always up-to-date install of Microsoft Office with email hosting, mobile apps, and web-based apps. Compare Microsoft’s 365 options with this link.

Password Managers
Hard-to-break passwords are either long, complex, or both. Don’t expect to remember them all. Use this chart to pick a password manager that will do the remembering for you as well as help create secure new passwords.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Working away from the office doesn’t mean clients have to reach you at a different phone number. Voice over IP services use the internet to carry phone calls. Be anywhere and look like you’re calling from the office. You don’t even have to change phone numbers. This chart lists core features by vendor.

VPN Services
Working away from the office (or home) means accessing a network you don’t control. VPN services create an encrypted, secure link between your device and the provider’s servers. No one physically near you (or even on the same network) can spy on your communications. Compare functionality and features with this chart.

Web Meeting Services
Zoom is not the only game in town for web meetings, but it’s popular for a reason. Use this chart to learn about the major web meeting vendors and what they offer.

Wind Down a Firm Whitepapers