"Art of CAREful Communication" Intro Workshop - In-Person Only

When:  Apr 17, 2024 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (MT)

Come meet Executive Speech & Media Coach and one our newest CBA/DBA member benefit providers, Megan Heffernan, for an in-person introduction workshop, “Art of CAREful Communication.” Walk away with inspired perspectives around the medium of public speaking itself, integrated preparation methods for any communication and the following three tenets: 

  • Public speaking and effective communication isn’t just something you have to do occasionally for your job. It is your job. Always.  

  • You possess ALL you need to succeed in your communication, it simply requires intentionality and consistent practice of:  

  • CAREful Communication - communication that is Clear, Activated, Refined, and Engaged.   

To learn more about these tenets and what you can do to further develop your skills and garner continued support and feedback, visit the “Art of CAREful Communication” in-person workshop on April 17, 2024.  


About Megan/Bio:  

Pulling from her extensive production and performance background combined, Megan Heffernan lends a unique vantage point into Executive Speech & Media coaching. Megan supports business professionals in their executive presence, vocal expression, and audience-centered connection while elevating the production quality and entertainment appeal of their meetings, gatherings and events. With a particular affinity for helping lawyers and legal professionals anchor to their duty and privilege as legal representatives, Megan offers a comprehensive, full-body preparation method to prepare for any communication- whether a client meeting or on-camera shoot. Megan is honored and thrilled to partner with CBA/DBA to build new relationships, provide affirming and actionable feedback and help members contribute to its collective success. 



  • Testimonial: 

“Thanks to [Megan’s] phenomenal help with my fear of public speaking, I’ve actually launched a new company called Modern Law University. I still have my firm, but am now also teaching modern law to lawyers in a 10-month program. In fact, the Supreme Court just bought an 8-month program as a “graduate degree” for participants in their Legal Entrepreneurs for Justice incubator! Still can’t say I’m great at it – but in addition to giving about 25 CLEs a year – I speak in front of people all the time now! And I truly could not be doing this without [Megan’s] amazing guidance.” -Ericka Holmes, Founder & Attorney at Law, ELHolmes Legal Solutions, LLC 


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