Digital Signatures

When:  Sep 7, 2021
Law and medicine were always the pair: well-respected professions, pathways to
middle class (or better!) comfort, and laggards with technology. Whether you went to
a doctor’s office or a lawyer’s office, paper ruled the day. But that’s changing. One of
the last bastions of “paper is king” is the executed document – “wet” signatures
serving as proof that a certain person signed a document. This is true…to a point.
Depending on your state, some “wet” originals govern. But, for many transactions,
digital signatures have the same full legal effect as “wet” signatures and they’re more
secure to boot. A digital signature platform produces proof not only of who signed a
document, but also when and where, as well as a “chain of custody” for the document.
This seminar explores all things “digital signature” and starts you down the right path
for a digital John Hancock.

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