Trial Practice in the Water Courts: Trying Your Water Law Case - Webcast

When:  May 7, 2021
Co-sponsored by the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado Bar Association
Our first course devoted to the practicalities of trying your water court case. Burdens of proof, evidence needed, making a clear record, preserving issues for appeal, and motions are included in the discussion. PLUS, seasoned practitioners and officials will treat you to mock trials of water rights issues routinely heard by water courts. And, don’t miss the end of the day session during which your colleagues will share the takeaway points.    
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- Better understand and gain insights on trying cases in Colorado’s unique water court system
- Hear experts on best practices in the trial phase as to burdens of proof, evidence, making a clear record, preserving issues for appeal and motions      
- Mock trials plus a wrap-up session with colleagues


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