Public Procurement Law: RFPs and Liability Allocation Terms

When:  Apr 27, 2021
This CLE will look at legal issues in non-federal competitive sealed proposal (RFP) processes along with one of the most contentious issues-liabilty allocation terms. We'll identify key differences from federal contracting and trace liability allocation terms through the RFP process during the proposal, discussion, and proposal revision stages. The presentation will also highlight related issues in the Colorado Procurement Modernization Act, HB17-1051, and why and how the act revises traditional procurement practices. Local government, education, and other political subdivision practices will also be discussed.
Richard Pennington is co-author of the 3rd edition of Legal Aspects of Public Procurement (Routledge Publishing, 2020) and teaches a one-day Colorado-CLE accredited course about SLED (state, local government, education) procurement. He formerly was general counsel to NASPO ValuePoint, the nonprofit organization of the National Association of State Procurement Officials that supports state cooperative procurements nationally. Berfore that, he served of counsel to McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP; Director of the Colorado Division of Finance and Procurement; and first assistant attorney general (procurement, fiscal law, and construction litigation).


Online, CO