Appellate Standards of Review and Reversal: Why They Matter - Webinar

When:  May 14, 2021
Standards of review and reversal are indispensable parts of every appellate brief. They frame how appellate courts will address, analyze, and rule on arguments on appeal. They are the lenses through which the judges view the issues raised. This seminar provides appellate practitioners (and those interested in appellate practice) the opportunity to explore the world of appellate review and engage in a conversation on how to use these filters effectively to advocate for their clients.
  • Explore or refresh your knowledge on standards of review and reversal
  • Learn how judges view appellate arguments
  • Make sure you're up to standard on your appellate briefing skills
You may register for the Pro Bono rate if you agree to (within one year) if you take a case from the Appellate Pro Bono Program. Information can be found at:
*If you do not satisfy your service within the one-year period, you will be invoiced the difference between the reduced and full tuition rate.
If special accommodations are needed, please contact us at Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the scheduled program.
The program will be submitted for CLE accreditation in Colorado. If you need to seek accreditation in another state, please review the process and requirements for that individual state. CBA-CLE staff can provide a Uniform Certificate of Attendance, and it is the attendee's responsibility to complete the accreditation outside of Colorado.


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